At MetaTec Soutions, our mission is to work with all of our customers to provide the right solution to their most challenging conveyance needs that delivers maximum productivity and profitability to their operations. We have extensive experience in developing specialized solutions tailored to the needs of many different Bakery industry segments: bread and bun, fresh pastry (oven and fried pastry), pizza, pasta (fresh and dry), frozen bread, frozen pastry, cookies, and crackers.

Dairy Industry

MetaTec Soutions dairy conveyor belt solutions ensure several key benefits :
• Increased throughput
• Reduced maintenance
• Enhanced product-handling flexibility
• Improved food safety and hygiene
• Reduced sanitation costs

Fruit and Vegetable

MetaTec Soutions equipped conveyors are delivering measurable economic value in a variety of applications around the globe. With belts and accessories designed to meet the specific needs of fruit and vegetable processing and packaging applications, MetaTec Soutions is committed to helping customers achieve their operational and business goals.

Meat Poultry Seafood

The benefits of the technology were quickly thereafter realized by meat, poultry, and seafood processors across the globe. Today, MetaTec Soutions continues to develop new and better ways for customers to increase throughput efficiency, improve sanitation, and reduce the costs of belt ownership.

Ready Meals

For years, leading ready meal manufacturers have seen our solutions increase line efficiency on traditional applications such as direct food contact applications, spiral, and packaging conveyors.

Benefits :
• Reduced sanitation costs and improved food safety
• Improved line efficiency and maintain product alignment
• Reduced unscheduled downtime and reduced labor needs


MetaTec Soutions have long been applied in traditional applications such as peeler-to-sorter, incline-to-packaging, and various applications in the back end of snack plants. Now, with our new abrasion-resistant solution we are helping our customers be more profitable in areas such as potato receiving, processing, and packaging.