Airport Conveyance Applications

MetaTec Soutions has continually helped its customers achieve operational excellence with a comprehensive range of practical, innovative conveyance solutions.

Parcel and Postal Handling

Our customers benefit from gentle handling of a wide range of package types and sizes. Our products accommodate soft packs and polybags as well as handle corrugated boxes, trays, bundles and envelopes. From standard-sized packages to irregulars, we supply both ARB technology and non-automated products to ensure better flow on singulated and bulk flow lines, fewer jams and overall improved operator satisfaction.

Common Applications :
• Bulk flow
• Side-by-side elimination
• Sorting parcels, small parcels, trays, and bundles
• Non-automated product flow

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and distribution centers demand efficient, reliable material handling conveyance systems that can handle a variety of product types with fewer controls, while managing amplified throughput within a small footprint. MetaTec Soutions equipment, Activated Roller Belt technology, and layout optimization meets warehouse and distribution center needs with cutting-edge solutions not possible with traditional automated material handling technologies.

Common Applications :
• High-speed 90-degree sorting
• Bulk sorting
• Polybag handling
• Layer descrambling
• Mini load AS/RS infeeding/outfeeing
• Zone picking